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Delaying Approval of New Trade Deal Hurts American Workers, Families and the Economy

Delaying Approval of New Trade Deal Hurts American Workers, Families and the Economy

“The U.S. will be losing out on more jobs, more customers for Made-in-America goods and a stronger economy unless the U.S. House of Representatives takes up the updated trade agreement with Mexico and Canada,” Reps. Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Steve Scalise (R-LA) write in The Hill.

“After years of stagnation America’s economy is growing 50 percent faster than earlier projected. Paychecks are rising, especially among blue-collar and low-income workers. America’s manufacturing is back. And jobs and investment are flowing back into the U.S. from overseas. Delaying USMCA means fewer economic benefits to hard working Americans.”

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“Americans’ confidence in the U.S. job market is the highest in Gallup’s trend originating in 2001, with 71% in May saying now is a good time to find a quality job,” Lydia Saad reports for Gallup. “The longer-term picture shows that Americans’ positive perceptions of both the economy and the job market are substantially improved today over the prior decade.”

“Comprehensive new state-level data from the National Association of Manufacturers shows the USMCA’s positive impact, and manufacturers are voicing their support for this deal,” Andrew Clark writes. “As manufacturers’ most critical partners, Canada and Mexico purchase one-fifth of the total value of U.S. manufacturing output – more than the next 11 countries combined. These exports support about 2 million American manufacturing jobs and 43,000 small- and medium-sized businesses.”

Last week, President Trump offered a blueprint for resolving a crisis that “has reduced the border to a mere speed bump for the masses clamoring to get in,” The Washington Times editorial board writes. “At a time when science can calculate the weight of every element in the known universe, down to the tiniest atom, official Washington cannot come up with an accurate number of illegal immigrants residing within the nation’s borders . . . Bringing order to immigration chaos will assure a better future for citizens and immigrants alike.”

“Attorney General Bill Barr traveled to El Salvador this week with the goal of protecting Americans from dangerous gang members crossing the border into our country,” Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) writes in Fox News. “Americans are victim to the violence emanating from the MS-13 gang’s base in El Salvador. In fact, MS-13 members in the U.S. often follow orders from gang leaders in the Central American nation.”

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