America Christian Entertainment Persecution

Amazon Denies Christian Authors to Publish Books & Share Their Testimony of Ex-LGBTQ

Report by: Dr. June Knight

Washington DC – July 11, 2019

Christians face a new kind of persecution in our country – the digital kind. The big companies, powers-that-be are trying with all their might to shut the mouth of the church. Amazon has jumped on this train and we must stand up and show them that we will not put up with this form of illegal persecution! 

The question that rises for all Christians is this – Are they shutting down every book that promotes abortion, LGBTQ agenda, antisemitism, etc.? How are they drawing the line? What is their basis for evaluating the data/content?

Please see the correspondence to the authors from Amazon:

Please see the letter submitted to Amazon:


It has come to our attention from many authors that Amazon has denied publishing based on the content. The books pertained to Christian issues and LGBTQ. Please see the following pictures displaying the reply from your publishing division:

These are just an example. On our WATB Radio broadcast next Friday night we are dedicating a whole show to Amazon and what they are doing to Christian artists. Christians are already outraged! We are also publishing an article today on about what you are doing to Christians.

To the Christians, we feel like your big company is trying to stifle the voice of the Christians. So, here are a few questions we hope you will answer:

  1. Why are you censoring books based on content of a personal nature such as the testimony of a Christian. Is it because you do not want the story of how Jesus can set someone free of that lifestyle? What is your position on this matter.
  2. Are you declaring to the Christians in America that you are a loyal supporter to the LGBTQ agenda and alienating the Christian audience?
  3. Are you sensoring books from Planned Parenthood? Abortion topics? Sex issues, horror books, etc. How can you prevent someone in the United States from publishing their life story? How can you measure the content of all the millions of books?
  4. Please reply back with your policy concerning how you measure your content.

We will write another response to this article once we hear from you.

The Christians are greatly disappointed and hope you will make things right. Also, the President is addressing this issue today in the White House about big companies persecuting Christians and conservatives. informed him of your actions. Please make this right as this story will only grow. Thank you.

News from the Christian Perspective,

Dr. June Knight

White House Correspondent

Washington DC

Daren Mehl (an advocate for the Ex-LGBTQ through his publication Voice to the Voiceless) pleads with Amazon, “Please restore the books to be available for purchase. These are critical resources to those Christians who wish to leave behind the LGBTQ identity and lifestyle for one as an disciple of Jesus as they are convicted to live. Do not allow the LGBTQ community to dictate the religious direction for anyone who is questioning their sexuality or working toward building their identity in the Christian faith. Please support our religious freedom to sell our books so the consenting adults will be able to purchase them.”

This is the time that the church cannot be silent. We must stand up to these giants and let them know that the Christians will not be silent anymore.

We will write again once we hear from Amazon. On Friday night, July 19, 2019 on, we will feature the show and the authors.

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