Bride Time LIVE- Dr. June Knight Interview with Dr. Peter Dy of Heavenly Pediatric Clinic in Pharr, TX

05.11.17 – Dr. June sat down with Dr. Peter at his practice and heard an amazing story of how when he was five years old an angel came to him in a dream and took him to Hell. ┬áThen it told him it would be back in a week. When it came back it took him to Heaven. It’s an amazing story! He speaks to Americans from a unique perspective. Watch His Interview:

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Dr. June Knight Interview with Sister Kim Staggs From HELL & Homosexual to Heaven & Freedom! Sweet Water House of Prayer Hohenwald, TN January 1, 2017 Dr. June Knight sat down with Kim Staggs at her home church of Sweet Water House of Prayer. She told the brave story of a woman who was raised in a violent atmosphere and the sexual advances men had in her life. She talked about the men who took her innocence and robbed…

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