BRIDE TIME LIVE Interview – Dr. June Knight with Pastor Jeremy Beggs in Paducah, KY

March 27, 2017 Dr. June Knight sat down with local pastor, Jeremy Beggs.   Hear the life story of this servant of God. What did God do to take him from nothing and make him into something? Based upon his life story, what is his opinion about America? What is God saying to the church right now? What is his opinion on the president and the role he plays in the church/Bride today? Watch His Interview:  

Read More Presents President Donald J. Trump Rally in Nashville, TN

Story by Dr. June Knight March 17, 2017     President Trump visited Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday to rally the troops and to thank them for their support of his administration. Tens of thousands lined up for blocks to see this powerful man. Not only was it freezing outside, but the Secret Service only had two entry doors to screen the guests. The line was so long and many people were not able to enter by the time the…

Read More to Cover President Donald J. Trump’s Visit to Nashville, TN – Nashville Rally 2017

President Donald J. Trump is coming to Nashville to host a rally on March 15, 2017 at the Municipal Auditorium.  We are honored that he chose our city! will be there to cover the event! It is an honor to have Christian news media present at this event! Purpose of Visit: According to The Tennessean, “Trump has spoken at several rallies in recent weeks, and Nashville is a natural fit in the wake of the president’s promise of a “full-court press”…

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